Monday, June 26, 2006

The Mathematical Universe

This interesting book by William Dunham can create anyone's interest in the Science of Maths :-) . Takes you from A-Z touching each important topic historically & stories, mathematicians, mathematics behind events . Their happen more theorems in Maths than events. I learnt that there is minimum 1 prime number between n & 2n. And up to 267 as 'p' (with exception of 67), "(2^p) -1" is always a prime. I'm still reading it - not complete yet. Reading about Jacob Bernoulli & his brother Johann Bernoulli - both equally intelligent & mathematical rivals :-) .

Music of the night : Chand Sifarish jo karta humari (Movie : Fanaa, Music: Jatin Lalit)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Readings going on right now

  1. Acuupressure & acupuncture for dummies - a useful book . I'm at Chapter 9 of this one & read it for 10-15 minutes before sleeping :-) . It has got lot of illustrations of the techniques used.
  2. Fast Italian - a small book on learning basic Italian if one is just visiting Italy for a short period.
  3. Oracle Applications (Apps) complete study.
  4. Project Management Professional exam preparation.
  5. GMAT preparation.
  6. Five point someone - by Chetan Bhagat - a wonderful book, written in an IIT environment. You can not put it down once you start reading :-)

Some readings that I've completed

  1. The Alchemist - by Paulo Coelho . An inspirational, philosophical & great read. Santiago, Urim & Thummim may never be forgotten :-) . When you try to acheive something, the whole universe conspires to help make that possible .
  2. Jonathan livingston seagull - by Richard Bach . A short & motivational book.
  3. Nehru - by Shashi Tharoor - A very well written book that represents a chain of historical events in Pre & post-freedom India (19th & 20th Century). You need a dictionary while reding this one :-) . It describes the implications of Nehru's life & decisions on shape of Indian politics.
  4. Knock 'em dead - by Martin Yate
  5. Auto care & maintenance guide - by Pepboys
  6. Just completed Oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager) study & related experiments on my computer :-) . No backup & recovery tool can beat it in terms of effeciency, effectiveness & usefulness. RMAN is the best backup 7 recovery tool provided by Oracle itself. No need of any separate installations too !